The Importance of Fast and Reliable Internet Access in Falkland Islands Schools

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By guest author, Andy Trish

An Introduction

My first visit to the Falkland Islands was in 1982 aboard HMS Hermes. Although I couldn’t come ashore due to my workload, I returned in 1986 and developed a deep love for the islands and their people. Over the years, I have made several visits, each time striving to positively impact the islanders’ lives.

In the Falkland Islands, the term “Camp” refers to the areas outside the main settlements of Stanley (the capital) and Mount Pleasant. It encompasses the rural and often remote parts of the islands, where the landscape is characterized by open countryside, farms, and smaller settlements. The word “Camp” is derived from the Spanish “campo,” meaning countryside or field, reflecting the islands’ rural nature and agricultural activities. The Camp areas are sparsely populated and are central to the Falkland Islands’ sheep farming industry, which is a significant part of the local economy.  Some schools in Camp can have just 2 children attend in any year and some children in Camp are still too far from any school to attend and are catered for by visiting teachers who stay in the homes of the child for periods of time to ensure each child has an ongoing face to face education.

In 2015, I donated interactive screens and laptops to all the Camp schools, enhancing the educational resources for children. With over two decades of experience running a successful and award-winning IT company in the UK that supports schools and businesses, my dedication to education is evident.

In December 2023, I revisited some of the schools I had previously supported. When I asked what would make the biggest difference for the children in the camp, the unanimous response was, “A tablet per child that they could use in school and at home would transform education outside of Stanley, especially if those tablets could get access to any form of decent internet.”

A tablet comes in various forms and for clarification it has been determined an Apple ipad is the ideal solution in this case.

Bridging Educational Gaps

The Falkland Islands face unique geographical challenges, with isolation limiting access to educational resources and professional development opportunities for teachers. Fast internet can bridge these gaps by providing access to a wealth of online educational materials, virtual classrooms, and professional development courses. Students can delve into a vast array of online resources, enriching their learning experiences and allowing them to explore subjects more deeply.

Meanwhile, teachers can enhance their skills through online training programs and webinars, staying updated with the latest educational trends and methodologies.

Allowing just 17 educational websites for free on a slow connection just doesn’t touch the surface.

Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes

Interactive digital content significantly boosts student engagement and learning outcomes. With fast and reliable internet, students can participate in engaging lessons, virtual labs, and real-time discussions with peers and experts worldwide. Digital tools and platforms offer interactive lessons, quizzes, and games, catering to different learning styles and helping students grasp complex concepts more easily.

Collaborative projects with peers, both locally and globally, foster teamwork and communication skills, while virtual exchange programs broaden cultural understanding and global awareness.

Supporting Remote Learning

For children taught remotely, fast and unlimited internet access is critical. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of robust internet connectivity for remote learning, a relevance that persists in the Falkland Islands. Students can attend virtual classes, ensuring continuity in their education regardless of their physical location.

Live video sessions enable real-time interaction and immediate feedback. Remote learners can enrol in online courses offered by educational institutions worldwide, accessing a diverse and high-quality education that might not be available locally.

Preparing Students for the Future

In today’s interconnected world, digital literacy is an essential skill. Fast and reliable internet access in schools and remote learning environments prepares students for future academic and professional success. Students learn to use various digital tools and platforms, preparing them for future academic pursuits and careers in a technology-driven world.

Skills such as coding, data analysis, and digital communication are increasingly important in the job market, and access to online courses and resources enables students to acquire these skills from a young age.

Ensuring Equity in Education

Equitable access to education is a fundamental right. In remote areas like the Falkland Islands, fast internet ensures that all students, regardless of their location, have equal opportunities to learn and succeed. High-quality internet access levels the playing field, ensuring that students in Camp have the same educational opportunities as those in Stanley.

Online resources and tools can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of learners, including those with disabilities or learning differences.


Fast and reliable internet access is not a luxury but a necessity for schools in the Falkland Islands and for children learning remotely. It bridges educational gaps, enhances engagement, supports remote learning, prepares students for the future, and ensures equity in education.

As technology continues to evolve, investing in robust internet infrastructure will be crucial in providing a high-quality education for all students, regardless of their location.  This alone is the reason why I believe allowing Starlink across all the islands will benefit every person, young and old.

A Story of Inspiration

During one of my visits, I spoke to a young girl who dreamt of becoming a marine biologist. The teacher later confided that this dream seemed unattainable due to limited resources. Years later, I discovered that this young girl had achieved her dream, proving that with belief and the right resources, anything is possible.

Those tablets I mentioned

When I came back to the UK, I set about raising money to purchase tablets for the children out in Falkland Islands Camp.  So far, I have raised £6,200 and I’m aiming to expand the project to include special needs children who would also benefit greatly from a device.

To ensure reliability and consistency I would love each of those tablets to be an Apple iPad giving access to a whole host of educational apps, and I’m hoping you can help fundraise the additional £3,800 needed to achieve this dream.

If you think you can help, please visit or email Andy:

One Reply to “The Importance of Fast and Reliable Internet Access in Falkland Islands Schools”

  1. Hi Andy,

    I completely agree with you, and am delighted to learn of your endeavours.
    At the outbreak of Covid, I had set up, configured and demonstrated a “Big Blue Button” server on our side of the satellite. I managed to demo it to the then Comms Regulator, some MLAs and some in the education department.

    When I approached Sure in order to secure better connectivity, my enquiry was slow walked by them into oblivion. In the end, after more than 400 days of enquiries, and taking the issue to the Regulator, Sure “discovered” that they could offer a pittance of connectivity: 2Mbps upload/download speeds.

    The use of Starlink for camp education cannot come quickly enough. Who knows how many dreams have been wrecked on the shoreline of “404 not found” or “connection complaint fatigue”?

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